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Q & A

Will my insurance cover this? No, Unfortunately not. Insurance companies do not consider hormone pellet therapy as an accepted form of treatment that is covered. We do accept HSA cards, credit cards, or check.

What is the cost? Consultation – $50 / Female Pellet Insertion $400 / Male Insertion $500

How do we find out if your hormones are depleted? Blood test. All our patients have a full panel of labs drawn. We understand that the body works together as a whole. Therefore, we test your adrenal, sex, and thyroid hormones in addition to a complete blood count.

**The blood draw does go through your insurance. **

Where are pellets inserted? Pellets are inserted in your upper gluteal muscle. It’s a 3mm incision that is sealed with steri- strips.

What is the recovery procedure? You’ll need to abstain from lower body work outs, steams, pools, and bathtubs for 3 days. Besides that, you can function normally.

How often do you need pellets inserted? Pellets last somewhere between 3-6 months depending on your metabolism. Each patient is different. We recheck lab work 6 weeks after your insertion to reevaluate your body’s response in correlation with how you’re feeling. Those results will give us an idea of when you’d need a replacement and how to adjust your dose for the next insertion.

How long till pellets kick in? Pellets can take up to 4 weeks for the patient to begin feeling relief from symptoms. This will depend on how depleted your hormones are from the beginning.

What does Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement mean? Bio-Identical means the pellet metabolizes inside the body the same pathway as the hormones we produce in our body.

What are common side effects of HRT? Some patients experience a change in their hair, acne, and hair growth. If you’re experiencing any of these- there are medications we prescribe to counteract them. Just reach out!

Does HRT Pellets cause cancer? No, Hormone Replacement Therapy does not cause cancer. However, it is imperative your checked out prior to coming in. Women must be current on their pap exam and mammogram. Men must be current on their prostate exam.

Compared to sublingual hormone replacement- what is the benefit of a pellet? Convenience. Once the pellets are implanted- they last between 3-6 months. Female patients with a uterus will need to take progesterone at bedtime. Otherwise, once your pellets are inserted, you’re good to go for a few months without having to remember anything!

How long will my pellet last? This is individualized based on your metabolism. We recheck labs 6 weeks after your insertion to re-evaluate hormone levels. From those results we can estimate when you’d be depleting in addition to your symptoms creeping back.

How long until my hormones are balanced? It does take some patience and time to get your HRT dose and time in-between insertion figured out for you. After the first insertion, we recheck your hormone levels and discuss your symptoms. Once any symptoms return- you need to redo your pellets. The second pellet is usually repeated in 4 months to keep you returning back to zero hormones. Always reach out with symptom issues or any side effects you notice.

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Setting up an Apt.

  1. Please forward any labs done within the last 3 months.
  2. Attach & Fill out the appropriate paperwork below.
  3. Expect a follow-up within 2 business days